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Research and DEVELOPMENT


The laboratory consistently conducts research and analysis of defects in yarns, fabrics, and garments, offering suggestions and technical recommendations to address these defects and enhance processes within the textile industry. In certain instances, these analyses are supplemented with the identification and quantification of chemical substances using gas and liquid chromatography equipment with mass detectors, as well as infrared spectrophotometry.

CERTINTEX possesses one of the few Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM) for textile research in Peru and the surrounding region. The SEM has the remarkable capability of magnifying images up to a million times, which is a thousand times greater than what an optical microscope can achieve. This extraordinary capacity enables investigations at the nanometer scale, providing comprehensive insights into fibers and various materials. It offers clear information on surface characteristics, morphology, and fiber composition, leading to precise and valuable results.

In addition, it collaborates closely with the main Peruvian universities and institutes to encourage interest in research and standardization of tests.

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