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Analysis of WATER and EFFLUENTS

In 2013, CERTINTEX expanded the scope of its INACAL-DA accreditation to include environmental water testing services, catering to various industries. Through its water analysis and monitoring division, CERTINTEX can detect and quantify both natural and industrial inorganic compounds in water. This service evaluates the primary contaminants and classifies various water characteristics.


The scope includes sampling, monitoring and analysis of the following types of water:

  • Residual

  • Natural

  • Consumption


In wastewater, these tests are aimed at those non-domestic users and establishments that need to ensure compliance with the regulations and standards of the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation, SEDAPAL requirements, Supreme Decrees N°021-2009 and N°010 -2019. of the Ministry of Housing of Peru.


In addition, the services of:

  • Determination of heavy metals by ICP-MS

  • Physico-chemical tests: gravimetric, volumetric, colorimetric and electrometric

  • Environmental services

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