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Safety tests
Analysis of Water and effluents
Tests on toys
Analysis of defects

CERTINTEX is an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited quality control laboratory that performs physical-chemical and environmental tests mainly for the textile industry.

It is one of the few laboratories in South America approved by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) for safety testing. It has also been associated with UL (Underwriters Laboratories) since 2002, which guarantees the support of this global network of testing laboratories for quality control, both to complement tests and to stay at the forefront of new knowledge.


Through its services, advice and permanent technical support, CERTINTEX provides its clients with test reports in the shortest possible time, to meet the requirements and expectations of brands, business partners and consumers.   


CERTINTEX has a select staff of trained professionals and textile technicians with extensive experience, who are always willing to resolve customer queries, guaranteeing reliable and reproducible results.



CERTINTEX serves both international brands directly, as well as the companies that produce these brands in Peru which are then exported to North America, Europe, and China, among others. Clients include Armani, Billy Reid, Boot Barn, Brooks Brothers, Garnet Hill, Hanna Anderson, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Life is Good, Lilla P., Lilly Pullitzer, Ralph Lauren, Original Penguin, Tommy Hilfiger, Tabik, Tea Collection, Tommy Bahamas, Vince, Vineyard Vines.



Standardized quality control is not only essential to improve the level of a company's products but also to compete in the demanding international market in which Quality Control tests and certificates are of vital importance.


CERTINTEX is committed to the importance of standardized quality control, with the aim of achieving greater integration between factories, laboratories whether internal or independent, agents and final clients, in order to guarantee the quality and safety of the final products that their clients sell.


Our laboratory is equipped with cutting-edge technology and high-performance equipment from internationally renowned brands such as SDL, AGILENT, THERMO SCIENTIFIC, PERKIN ELMER, SARTORIOUS, HACH, among others. These instruments undergo regular top-quality maintenance and annual calibration services. Calibration is conducted on an international scale by SDL-ATLAS in the USA and within Peru by INACAL (National Quality Institute) and its accredited laboratories.


 Research and

The laboratory consistently conducts research and analysis of defects in yarns, fabrics, and garments, offering suggestions and technical recommendations to address these defects and enhance processes within the textile industry. In certain instances, these analyses are supplemented with the identification and quantification of chemical substances using gas and liquid chromatography equipment with mass detectors, as well as infrared spectrophotometry.


Environmental and social RESPONSABILITY

CERTINTEX is deeply committed to environmental preservation and sustainability. We actively reduce paper consumption by digitizing our processes, minimize solid waste generation, and promote a culture of eco-sustainability. Additionally, we prioritize recycling all recyclable materials to contribute to a greener future.

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