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Our laboratory is equipped with cutting-edge technology and high-performance equipment from internationally renowned brands such as SDL, AGILENT, THERMO SCIENTIFIC, PERKIN ELMER, SARTORIOUS, HACH, among others. These instruments undergo regular top-quality maintenance and annual calibration services. Calibration is conducted on an international scale by SDL-ATLAS in the USA and within Peru by INACAL (National Quality Institute) and its accredited laboratories.

CERTINTEX also boasts a climate-controlled system that upholds the standard testing atmosphere, in accordance with ASTM D1776: 21±2°C and RH (Relative Humidity) 65±5%. This controlled environment ensures the accuracy and consistency of testing conditions for various materials and products.

To ensure the ongoing reliability of its results, CERTINTEX continually participates in comparative tests, inter-laboratory assessments, and proficiency tests organized by various entities worldwide, including AATCC, ASTM, IIS, ERA, and LGC. These collaborations and evaluations help maintain the high quality and accuracy of CERTINTEX's testing and analysis processes.

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