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Fabric Decorations (Bows, Labels, etc.):

CERTINTEX offers guidance and conducts tests to ensure that fabric decorations are securely attached, especially in a manner that eliminates potential hazards to children. Implementing designs that consider predefined lengths for trims and cords in areas like the neck (hood), waist (dresses, pants), and even sleeves can prevent items from posing a choking hazard.

Crafts and Similar Products:

Metals like lead and cadmium are commonly used in ceramic or glass products, as well as in paints, to achieve shine, durability, or vibrant colors in various crafts. However, these materials can have adverse effects on both end customers' health and the well-being of producers. CERTINTEX enables producers to ensure safety by conducting the necessary tests for each product type, especially for foreign markets where such tests are required.

Leather Articles:

The leather and fur industry generates pollutants that can be harmful to humans and the environment. Various international agencies, such as ECHA (European Chemicals Agency), have established regulations to safeguard health. CERTINTEX performs tests to assess the presence of potential restricted substances and evaluates the behavior and durability of leather articles and their components. This helps ensure compliance with safety and environmental standards.

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Decorative and Accessories:

At CERTINTEX, we meticulously control components like sequins, beads, buttons, brooches, and similar items (made from materials such as wood, ceramic, or others) to ensure secure attachment. This rigorous control helps prevent detachment during use, maintaining both product quality and safety by reducing the risk of choking or ingestion, particularly in children.

Fishing Nets:

The issue of fishing nets breaking during use is a common concern that impacts both productivity and the environment. Through internal research and information exchange with net manufacturers, CERTINTEX has gathered extensive data on the breaking force of mesh materials. This data has led to the development of our own resistance standards for fishing nets, which aim to improve their durability and sustainability.


Certain jewelry pieces and materials may contain restricted substances such as lead, nickel, cadmium, and others, exceeding the limits established by international regulations or brand-specific requirements. CERTINTEX contributes to ensuring that jewelry products do not pose harm to end-users by offering tests that verify compliance with these regulations and safety standards.

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