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CERTINTEX offers a comprehensive array of testing services catering to various industries, with a primary focus on the textile industry, leveraging its extensive experience in this sector. These tests adhere to international standards and norms, including AATCC, ASTM, ISO, CPSC, CFR, NTP, BS, DIN, JIS, UNI, GB/T, and compliance with regulations such as CAL-PROP-65, CAN (Andean Community), among others. These standards and regulations ensure the delivery of dependable and consistent results in testing and analysis.

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Ensayos textiles

This wide range of tests is conducted on fibers, threads, fabrics, and garments, whether they are knitted or flat-woven, along with their associated accessories. This comprehensive testing approach covers various aspects of textile and apparel products to ensure their quality, safety, and compliance with regulations.

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Restricted or Regulated Substances

In compliance with regulations in the USA (CPSC or CAL-PROP 65), Europe (REACH), China (GB 18401 & GB 31701), and the Andean Community, CERTINTEX provides testing services to detect the presence of restricted substances, ensuring product safety. These tests are conducted not only on textiles but also on various items such as prints, ceramics, paintings, jewelry, plastics, toys, and more. This comprehensive testing approach helps guarantee the safety and compliance of a wide range of products.

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Safety testing

To protect the well-being of end-users and prevent accidents like suffocation or injuries from sharp edges, safety tests are conducted on items like brooches, buttons, closures, and similar components. Additionally, to ensure that children's clothing or sleepwear complies with flammability regulations, specific tests are carried out in accordance with various standards. These measures are essential to guarantee the safety and quality of these products.

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Pruebas en juguetes

CERTINTEX conducts tests on toys to ensure their safety and harmlessness during use. The methods outlined in the EN 71 standard series are widely adopted by many companies as a reference to meet the legal requirements and safety standards for toys.

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Water and effluents analysis

The scope includes sampling, monitoring and analysis:

  • Residual

  • Natural

  • And consumption water


In wastewater, these tests are aimed at those non-domestic users and establishments that need to ensure compliance with the regulations and standards of the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation, SEDAPAL requirements and Supreme Decrees N°021-2009 and N°010 -2019. of the Ministry of Housing of Peru.

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Análisis de defectos

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